Stimulating Social Cryptocurrency


Socialized Stimulus Network, Decentralized Governance, Designed for Novices, Average Joes and Crypto Experts.



Stimmy Rewards
Stimmy Rewards
Socialized Stimmy, the basis of the Stimmy Network
Full Distribution
Full Distribution
Prompt Decentralization, All STMY distributed in Two Weeks(™)
Ethereum Token
Ethereum Token
The world’s most adopted token network for the most desirable token.

What is STMY?

Stimmy is the platform in which you and others gain access to earning via the Stimmy Token (STMY). Future distributions will provide various opportunities to earn additional tokens, including when you share STMY with friends so they can participate with you. Who wants to settle for a one-time stimulus, when STMY provides you a way to keep stimulating each other!

Modern Monetary Theory

Holding Stimmy now means you will be able to help more participants earn in the future, plus you benefit from sharing Stimmy with others by earning alongside those you have introduced to the network.

While you are helping support adoption of the decentralized network, we’ll focus on building out the Stimmy Token Network, including a governance & voting system that will give Stimmy the ability to self-fund its growth and future

Distribution of tokens

Stimmy is the evolution of SUB1X, a low supply coin with its roots on the Ethereum network and was a 100% airdropped token with no presale and no ICO.

An additional 100,000 STMY have been created for locked initial liquidity on Uniswap and all unswapped Stimmy tokens will be placed into a Yield farm for prompt distribution to anyone who wants to participate.

  • Initial Distribution
  • Yield Farm
  • Locked Liquidity
Our Strategy

The Roadmap

Q1 2021

All Tokens Distributed

Stimmy in the Wild Now With No Centralized Holdings

Q2 2021

Stimmy Platform Beta

Testing the future, today!

Q3 2021

First Stimmy BRRRelease

First Generation Stimmy Stimulus 

Q4 2022

User Automated Stimmy Finance (UASF)

Stimmy By The People, For The People